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Congratulations to #teamIE for winning the 2019 7v7 Christmas Men’s D1 Tournament. FC Riverside County is proud of #teamIE’s hard work and dedication. FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues organized a 7v7 tournament in Corona, CA that attracted teams throughout Southern California. FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues is thankful for the teams that participated. Please stay tuned for our 2020 Tournament Series announcement.

11v11 Men’s D1 and D2 and Women’s D1 seasons are available now. Signup your team for a chance to win up to a $1,000 Grand Prize. Top goal scorer of each division wins a pair of soccer cleats. Signup by clicking here.

December 29th | 8:30AM-4:30PM
*At least 3 games guaranteed.
View tournament scheduler here.

Join us for the 2019 7v7 Christmas Tournament by FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues on December 29th in Corona. 24 teams will come together to compete against teams around Southern California for a total of $2,000 of cash prizes. Men’s and Women’s divisions will be available. Winners will also wins trophies and shirts.


  • Men’s D1 ($1,000 cash prize + Uniforms)
  • Women’s D1 ($500 cash prize)


  • $200 a team if registering before December 20th
  • $225 a team if registering before December 23rd
  • $240 a team if registering before December 28th
  • $250 a team if registering on December 29th



  • Games in group stages will have a 40 minute match duration. The final will have a 40 minute match duration.
  • Each division will be divided into 2 groups. Only 1 group will be created if 6 or less teams participate in a division.
  • The top 2 (or 4 if only 1 group is created) teams of each group will advance to playoffs. Tiebreakers will be broken in the following order (1) goal difference, (2) goals for, (3) goals against, or (4) LIVE drawing.
  • Playoffs will be consists of a semi-final and final. The lower ranked teams will compete with the higher ranked teams. A penalty shootout will directly take place if a semi-final or final game is finished with a draw.

FC Riverside County is dedicated to promoting the sport of soccer in Riverside County with community-driven operations. Our aim is to provide a pathway for youth athletes to become professional, semi-professional, or recreational soccer players. FC Riverside County owns and operates FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues (ASL) in Corona. We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Adrian Aros, General Manager

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah!



The 2019 Fall Division 1 Playoffs will bring together the top 4 teams in the season. Corona United and BvB have accumulated enough points to secure their spots. Los De Arriba, La Sierra, and Jalisco F.C. are fighting to advance. As it stands, both Los De Arriba and La Sierra qualify for playoffs. However, Jalisco F.C. can still advance if (1) they win their next game and (2) if La Sierra is defeated by Corona United or if Los De Arriba is defeated by BvB.

Teams that finish the season in 5th to 8th place will qualify for the Conference Cup. 1st Place wins a trophy and a uniform set. Learn more here.

  • 11v11 Men’s Open
  • 8-team Single Elimination

1st Place wins a trophy and a uniform set.

Join us for our quarterly Conference Cup held at Crossroads in Corona, CA.

Division 1 teams that finish in 5th to 8th place and the top 4 teams of Division 2 will qualify for the Conference Cup. There are 3 rounds in total; Round 1, Round 2, and Finals. Round 3 will eliminate 4 teams, Round 2 will eliminate 2 teams, and the Finals will determine the champion. Games that end in a draw in Round 1 and Round 2 will be followed by a penalty shootout. If the final game ends in a draw, the game will first be determined by 20 minutes of extra time. If extra time ends in a draw, the game will be determined by a penalty shootout.

Round 1: October 27th at 8AM, 12:30PM, 2:00PM, and 3:30PM

Round 2: November 3rd at 8AM and 12:30PM

Finals: November 10th 10:30AM

Learn more about our league rules by clicking here.

The non-profit 7v7 Play for Izaac tournament was successful. We are grateful for all the coaches and players that attended. We are also proud to announce that FC Riverside County will be donating $1,000 to Izaac Colunga’s medical fund. “FC Riverside County feels compelled to work and help our community in times of need. I hope to provide some relief and emotional support to the Colunga family. Izaac has earned it,” commented Adrian Aros, President of FC Riverside County.

Izaac Colunga is a praised upcoming professional boxer from the greater Riverside area. Izaac was tragically struck by a bullet from an unrelated incident that occurred near a family party he was attending. Izaac was left paralyzed and in critical condition. FC Riverside County organized an non-profit tournament to raise money for Izaac Colunga’s medical fund.

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