FIFA 20 2-Day Tournament


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Play for a Chance to Win $2,000 in Cash Prizes

May 2nd | May 3rd

  1. PS4 1v1 $1000 CASH PRIZE
  2. Xbox 1 1v1 $1,000 CASH PRIZE
  • Play from your own home.
  • Spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Up to 64 teams will be accepted for each console.
  • Registered teams will be listed in the appropriate bracket here.


  • $10 – If you register by Tuesday, 4/28/2020
  • $15 – If you register by Wednesday, 4/29/2020
  • $20 – If you register by Thursday, 4/30/2020
  • $25 – If you register by Friday, 5/1/2020 or day of the tournament.
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Single Elimination Tournament for a chance to win up to $2,000

  • Spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Registered teams will be listed in the appropriate bracket here.
  • Up to 64 teams will be accepted for each console.
  • Players must check-in 30 minutes before their match.

There are a total of 8 rounds.

  1. 1st Opening Round (May 2nd)
  2. 2nd Opening Round (May 3rd)
  3. 3rd Opening Round (May 3rd)
  4. Qualifiers (May 3rd)
  5. Conference Rounds (May 6th)
  6. Conference Winner (May 8th)
  7. Semi-finals
  8. Championship – Win this game to win $1,000 CASH PRIZE

By purchasing this item, you agree to officially register to Aros E-Sports Leagues and follow the guidelines below:

A. Twitch

The Aros E-Sports Leagues is powered by Twitch. Designated home teams are required to live-stream their match. Failure to follow this rule will result in a forfeit. Aros E-Sports staff is prepared to provide technical support to participants. Learn how to install Twitch below:

  1. Download Twitch on your console’s app store.
  2. Login or create a profile.
  3. Provide us your Twitch profile information by texting (951) 316-6314 or emailing
  4. Designated home teams must live stream their match.

B. Be Cool, Not Obnoxious

Aros E-Sports Leagues ask participants to demonstrate proper behavior. We are not asking for silence. We encourage participants to be fun during live streams. However, obnoxious participants risk disciplinary actions or indefinite suspensions.

C. Rules

Aros E-Sports Leagues is committed to providing an exemplary soccer experience. This is accomplished by the enforcement of the following rules:

  1. Match Rules – The Aros E-Sports Leagues is conducted using the official FIFA 20 game (“FIFA 20”) for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles (“Supported Platforms”). The Aros E-Sports Leagues will have a separate Competition for each Supported Platform (“Xbox Division” and “PlayStation Division” or “Divisions”) and each governed by our Rules. Participants must be at least 16 years old at the time of registration and be at least the minimum age required to have a full (not underage) EA account in their territory of residence. Participants must own or have access to FIFA 20 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and have a valid Gamertag or PSN ID. Teams can select any team except international teams. Ultimate team will not be used. Games will be set to 6-minute halves.
  2. Tiebreakers – Games that end in a tie will be decided by a golden goal.
  3. Conference Cup – The top 4 teams of the 2-day tournament will advance to the Conference Cup. The Conference Cup is single-elimination. The Conference Cup Champion wins the cash prize.
  4. Forfeit – Teams must be ready to play no later than 10 minutes from their scheduled times. Teams not ready to play will forfeit their game.
  5. Disqualification – The Aros E-Sports Leagues reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify a competition, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failures or any other factor impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the competition, as determined by the Aros E-Sports Leagues in its sole discretion. The Aros E-Sports Leagues reserves the right to disqualify any Competitor it finds to be tampering with the operations of any competition or any Live Event or to be acting in violation of these Rules. Any attempt by any person to deliberately undermine the legitimate operation of the Aros E-Sports Leagues may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and, should such an attempt be made, the Aros E-Sports Leagues reserves the right to seek damages and other remedies (including attorneys’ fees) from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  6. E-Referee – E-Referees will set up games and manage complaints placed by teams.
  7. Rule Updates – These Rules may be updated at any time as necessary during or after seasons to add further clarity, correct errors, comply with changes in applicable law, or address matters that arise from our publications. The goal of any update will be to ensure a fair competition.


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Xbox-1, PS4

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